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The Truth About Hot Melt Glue


Hot glue was invented around 1940 by Paul Cope a Chemical & Packaging Engineer for Procter & Gamble. He invented it as an improvement to water-based adhesives that were failing in humid climates.

Benefits of Hot Melt

    Cost effective
Easy to use
Formulas made for a variety of applications/materials
Easy to store
Excellent seal quality
Not messy

New to hot melt? That's perfect, we all start somewhere. Let us shine a little light on what hot melt is, how it is commonly used and dispensed as well as some ideas for best practices.

What is hot melt?
Hot Melt Glue or hot glue consists of thermoplastic polymers that when melted, apply as a liquid but become a solid again as they cool. Hot glue is used in both commercial and residential areas. It is used for a variety of things crafts, hobbies, woodworking, assembly, packaging, labeling, etc.