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Tips for Hot Melt Polyurethane Operation I


Transitioning to reactive hot melt polyurethane offers companies a way to stay relevant and competitive. A well-maintained hot melt polyurethane application system helps produce beautiful, durable products for a variety of consumer and industrial products.

There’s no reason companies can’t take advantage of hot melt polyurethane’s myriad benefits without the headaches. By following a few installation, operation and maintenance tips, hot melt polyurethane dispensing technology can offer excellent product results, consistent operation, and minimal downtime.

Adjusting to new operating procedures can be a challenge, but the benefits of hot melt polyurethanes far outweigh these drawbacks. Consider the following when converting to or adding polyurethane capability to your operation.

Is the hot melt polyurethane the right material for the job? All adhesive options should be considered to ensure that polyurethanes are the best fit for a given application. Your adhesive supplier will recommend the type and form of adhesive for a specific application, taking into consideration manufacturing process and finished product requirements.

While using polyurethane can provide cost savings, including reduced adhesive and energy usage and optimized labor, both the hot melt polyurethane material and dispensing equipment are typically more expensive than traditional hot melt adhesive and equipment, influencing the payback period in your return on investment analysis. Ask your equipment provider for a budgetary cost estimate, so your internal capital request covers the amount you need for polyurethane dispensing equipment.

Do you have the right polyurethane? All polyurethanes are not created equal - or the same. PUR adhesives have a variety of open and cure times, a mismatch between operating procedures and polyurethane characteristics will cause operator frustration and material waste. If polyurethane is the optimal material, consult with your adhesive supplier to ensure you have the right polyurethane formulation for your operation.

Do you have the right polyurethane dispensing equipment? Just as each polyurethane is different, so are the systems that apply them. Look for a scalable system that protects the integrity of your polyurethane, offering simplified operation and maintenance, and increases your production efficiency.

Once you have chosen to use hot melt polyurethane, identified the right formulation and selected the proper dispensing technology, two more steps are necessary: learning how to treat your polyurethane and understand your polyurethane application equipment. Application of a nearly invisible side seam of hot melt polyurethane helps improve aesthetics for the growing clear plastic carton market for cosmetic and personal-care products.