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Tips for Hot Melt Polyurethane Operation II


The range of Hot Melt Polyurethane available allows for an ideal match to suit your application. However, it also means that each hot melt polyurethane has different characteristics. For example, some tolerate longer heat exposure while others cure quickly in high-heat environments.

For successful, easy hot melt polyurethane use, it’s critical to understand all of your polyurethane’s characteristics. Talk to your adhesive supplier about your specific adhesive requirements. Ask questions like what is the ideal temperature range for this hot melt polyurethane, how long can it tolerate that heat before curing, what is it cure time, and does it require purging.

Use of a slot nozzle as part of a closed application system helps protect polyurethane adhesive from exposure to moisture in the air that can cause premature curing.

Mastering your equipment is equally important to hot melt polyurethane success. This requires making some changes from how previous non-polyurethane adhesive application systems have been handled. However, no matter what distinctive set of heating or application procedures your polyurethane demands, an application technology exists that was created to both handle those procedures and make them as efficient and easy as possible. Your adhesive application equipment supplier should offer expert guidance in finding the best technology for your application.

The ideal hot melt polyurethane system will accommodate the most specific manufacturing requirements, whether using material forms from a 1-kg slug to a 55-gal drum, or using applicators from non-contact bead to adjustable contact slot nozzles. In addition, consider equipment that incorporates a closed application system, which protects hot melt polyurethane adhesive by minimizing air and moisture exposure.

Selecting the right hot melt polyurethane equipment requires several decisions. However, the right system and the right training can have a significant impact on your success. Look for an equipment provider that offers experience and technology specific to hot melt polyurethane adhesive, an introduction to optimum operating procedures at installation, ongoing availability to answer questions and offer advice on how best to use your equipment and protect your investment, and training for new employees and follow-up training to maintain best practices.

In addition to being a solvent-free product, hot melt polyurethane used in bookbinding supports recyclability and sustainability initiatives.