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Where to Find Suitable Hot Melt Polyurethane


Hot melt polyurethane are reactive adhesives. After the adhesive has been applied, hot melt polyurethane will start cross-linking. The reaction time is mostly between 24 to 48 hours. The reaction time must not been confused with the fast setting time that most hot melts are known for. A hot melt polyurethane can also have a fast setting time from several seconds.

Hot melt polyurethanes are known as very durable and waterproof. They do bond to most materials as wood, paper, board, glass, metal and most plastics. However, hot melt polyurethanes do not give a bond to untreated Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP). PE and PP can be treated to improve the bond of a hot melt polyurethane. We always advice to test the materials and adhesive and ensure quality before setting up large productions.

Hot melt polyurethanes are commonly used in assembling industries, assembling products like fridges, wood industries, textile industries, graphical industries (glue lap bonding), bookbinding industries, etc.

Some products require translucent or a fully transparent bonding, which has to withstand UV light as well. Most of our polyurethane recipies can be made UV resistant with adding UV blocking components, it's also possible to use our fully transparent and UV stable hot melt polyurethane. This hot melt does not need UV blocking components and keeps fully transparent all the time.

Besides, hot melt polyurethanes can give an increase of the durability of your product. Several years ago, it was only possible to use polyurethane adhesives with large bulk hot melt installations. Nowadays, we have small handguns available as well. We handle different packaging for our hot melt polyurethanes, for special applications, we can provide packaging on request, too.

If you are interested in a test, whether or not with a hot melt polyurethane, you can always inform at our office for a laboratory test. It's also possible to do some testing by yourself, by buying one of our hot melt adhesives. Click to know more.