Our broad product applications

Hot melt adhesive for automotive interior decoration

Hotmelt thermoadhesive in roll form

we offer service and experience of thermoadhesive net,web and film as well as a strong expertise of laminating.

thermoadhesive are made of copolyamide,copolyester,polyolefin,polyurethane,delivery in roll form of various width.

Industrial solutions

we provide solution in many industrial ares such as :

Automotive:door panels,seats,head and arm rests,parcel shelves,face textile injected parts,ABC pillars,headliners.....



Industrial textile:building,filtration,medical,ski and sports

Garment Industry:double-sided fusing tapes,textile lamination membranes

Recently, consumers have higher requirements of the air quality inside the car. Since hot melt adhesive has the characteristics of convenient to use and fast to solidify, it has been widely used in automotive roofs, door panels, carpets, windows and doors’ flocking strips, PP cellular turnover boxes, car interiors (PVC, PP, ABS, metal), air filters, and other fields.Our company produce kinds of hot melt adhesive films, with good resistance to high and low temperature and stable viscous force. Our products has the very good prospect.

Hot melt adhesive for automotive interior decoration