Our broad product applications

HDPE Tapes For Wrinkle-Free Business Shirt

In the field of high-end shirt, fabric’s flatness is higher, garment’s sewability is worse, the seams have more serious wrinkling. Film for non ironing can solve the wrinkling problem of non-iron shirt’s seams. It can make the shirt keep straight, being worn without ironing after washing, especially suitable for machining non-iron shirts. Polyolefin film makes shirt’s seams flatness achieve above level 4. If not using this film, the flatness only achieve about level 2.

Our company’s newly developed ZP-HDPE2500 and ZP-HDPE3500 can be used for wash and wear(non-irn garment). They have good dry-cleaning resistance, superior wash resistance, low shrinkage, and anti-yellowing, used for lamination of wash and wear, making garment soft, comfort and flat. Now HDPE FILM is used for shirt, A.K.A arm hole tape ,  its mostly used in deluxe  and boutique brand shirt's sleeve seam,gauntlet,front yoke,collar,pocket. It is designed for man's and lady's high quality  wrinkle-free shirt and other wrinkle-free brushed series. In the  future it will achieve multiple interwoven of lining, hemp, silk, wool and other natural fibers, applied in suits, trousers, T-shirts, jackets and other clothing. Wash and wear in the future will become urban fashion highlights.

HDPE Tapes For Wrinkle-Free Business Shirt