Our broad product applications

HDPE mesh point film

HDPE mesh point film is composed by the raised hexagonal particles, bond and triangular air hole, crossing in shape of mesh. During thermal lamination, due to shrinkage, bond burn out, mesh point film becomes dot scope and spread on the lining and other materials. Mesh point film’s dots spread evenly. It has even glue, high bonding strength and good air permeability, widely used in shirt, suit and uniform , interlining, medical, flowers, and other laminating fields. In addition, our company can customize black and gray mesh point film . A.K.A arm hole tape ,  its mostly used in shirt sleeve seam,gauntlet,front yoke,collar,pocket. It is designed for man's and lady's high quality  wrinkle-free shirt and other wrinkle-free brushed series.

HDPE mesh point film for lining cloth, medical treatment