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Do you know what you need to in order to find the industrial adhesive, from water based adhesives to dry blended, to suit your application perfectly? Are you well enough informed to make the decision?

As technology races forward, industrial adhesives have become more advanced as well. Today, you can likely find a dry, pressure sensitive or water based adhesive to suit any industrial application. Industrial adhesives are a strong choice for a number of applications including bookbinding, packaging, product assembling, corrugating, graphic art production and more. The economical and practical benefits of using a manufacturing adhesive are well-known throughout almost any industry.

Water based adhesives are industrial adhesives which take the form of resin, latex, acrylic, and protein, to name a few. There are some distinct advantages of using water based adhesives. These include their easy handling qualities and their dilatable, non-toxic and non-flammable nature. They also give off little to no odor which makes them operator-friendly. Fumes can be a significant problem for some applications. The last significant benefit of water based adhesives is that they bond to almost any surface. This makes them incredibly versatile.

Dry blended adhesives are where the industry began, however. The advantage of dry blended adhesives is that you can get maximum cost efficiency while receiving optimum performance, depending on the application. Custom formulations are also more commonly available when working with dry blended.

There are also hot melt adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives. The malleability of hot melt, when heated or reheated, is a unique feature worth considering about hot melt glue. This adhesive is also odorless and able to bond to a wide variety of surfaces. Pressure sensitive adhesives, also known as fugitive glues, are from the hot melt family. Pressure sensitive glue is unique for its temporary, "peel-away" nature. This type of adhesive is very popular in the marketing industry.

Customization is another thing worth considering when getting the lay of the land in terms of adhesives. If you know your application is unique, or you want to be sure to get the solution to suit your application perfectly, customization may be right for you. Some adhesive suppliers and manufacturers offer this service. Just be sure that the business you partner with has both the equipment and skillset to get the job you need done. Finding a business that is willing to work close with you to understand your application and your vision is important.

One option to ensure industrial adhesives manufacturer is on the same page is to request an adhesive audit. This could consist of a visit to your plant by a trained adhesive specialist to evaluate how well you are utilizing your adhesives. They could also suggest some changes that may increase efficiency in your product or around your plant. This is a great way to ensure that your bottom line will be positively impacted, before making the final decision. So, ask the business you work with whether they offer an audit. Otherwise, for more simple applications, the large dry blended, pressure sensitive, hot melt and water based adhesive selection should serve your purpose.