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2015 Shanghai International Underwear Fashion Show


Following Paris, New York, Las Vegas, the charm of this international fashion style ceremony will be held in Shanghai. Both stylish and futuristic fashion capital, Shanghai and lingerie fashion panner interest, thousands of industry insiders gathered here, carefully selected, to discuss cooperation, to bring the most cutting-edge, innovative underwear products. Overwhelmed gatherings, fashion shows, grand opening, will make this event shocked the world, to become China's "fashion lingerie design week"! Ouluoweite, the world's leading professional underwear show organizers for the global community to build a lingerie freely creative perfect space, so that the brand became famous in the international arena. 1 professional international team: 50 years experience in underwear professional exhibition organization, carrying more than 50,000 global buyers together a 2 to enhance your brand image to provide the best advice: Shanghai International Lingerie Show for its professionalism, focus service and meticulous arrangements show won the trust of many international brands and participation 3. trend of luxury fashion show, the global media coverage, to make your brand shine 4 in the fashion Club held dazzling VIP fashion night: Aggregates 500 trend of people from various sectors: celebrities, reporters, authoritative insiders 5. fads sweeping the globe international awards ceremony highlighting the unlimited design and creative charm 6. international experts exclusive release fashion information, decryption trends, market prospects and industry information 7. up French lingerie two weeks, will open a French lingerie craftsmanship and cultural heritage of the French lingerie mystery 8 fashion bloggers "live transfer exhibition charm, enjoy the ultimate service experience: on-site fitting, makeup services, dessert tastings.