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About Hot Melt Technology


Hot Melt Adhesive are composed of three main components:

High molecular weight polymer (e.g., EVA or synthetic rubber), which acts as a backbone and provides the primary mechanical properties of the adhesive

Tackifying resin, which provides wetting and adhesion properties

Plasticizer, such as an oil or wax, which controls the viscosity of the blend and enables the adhesive to be handled by simple machinery

The success of hot-melt technology is driven by superior economics:

Significantly lower investment than solvent technology

Higher throughput than water-based technology

Less space needed for production equipment

Lower raw-material inventory requirements

Less preparation than solvent- or water-based technology

Reduction in energy costs compared to water-based technology

Enhanced environmental impact during manufacture and disposal

For household, hobby and craft applications, inexpensive glue guns and glue sticks are used for parts assembly, repairs and bonding dissimilar materials. Variable heat glue guns enable precise control of viscosity and set times.