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Advancements of Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive I


Advanced acrylic adhesive technologies used in hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives are becoming the preferred bonding solution in an ever growing number of applications across diverse industries, replacing liquid and spray adhesives, mechanical fasteners, and other bonding and fastening systems.

The advanced technologies used in tapes have impressive assembly-related and performance characteristics, including the ability to withstand high temperatures, harsh environments and to bond securely with a host of different substrates and materials. They potentially allow managers of assembly and converting operations to lower the total cost of assembly and eliminate time-consuming procedures and cumbersome equipment.

Easy handling and processing are major advantages of high performance acrylic adhesive tapes. These hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives can help improve the speed and efficiency of assembly operations. They integrate smoothly into automated processes with in-line dispensing equipment and can also be applied by hand. Manual application requires only 8 to 10 lbs. of pressure.

Unlike conventional adhesives, which tend to bleed at the edges, advanced acrylic adhesives used in hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives maintain their stability and integrity during processing. They facilitate clean, accurate adhesive placement and allow converters and assemblers to produce complex die cuts and diverse shapes. There is no need to drill the parts beforehand which is required with mechanical fasteners.

With these high performing bonding solutions, assemblers and converters can often modify or eliminate outdated processes and equipment, improving the workplace environment. After switching to pressure sensitive acrylic adhesives, the assembler is able to speed up its bonding operation and eliminate the special spray equipment. And workers could do the job in regular clothing.

Hot melt adhesives need to cool down after application, while conventional liquid adhesives require a curing period ranging from a few hours to an entire day. In contrast, high performance hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives bond immediately and require no curing time, boosting the productivity of assembly operations.

Some varieties of acrylic adhesives can even be removed after application and repositioned, which is a benefit in hand-assembly operations. This potentially reduces the number of rejected parts.

Pattern coating is an additional benefit. These Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive can be supplied with edges that are free of adhesive or with alternating adhesive and non adhesive tape sections. This can facilitate easier converting in assembly operations and cleaner handling by end users.