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Advantages of in Using Hot Melt Adhesive


Hot melt adhesives are used in a wide range of applications. The most common industries utilizing hot melt adhesives are the automotive industry, packaging industry, electronics industry, woodworking industry, retail/footwear industry and the printing/bookbinding industry. The benefits of hot melt adhesives are plentiful and are revered for their bond strength, rapid setting, durability and eco-friendly nature.

There are many advantages to using hot melt adhesives from Bond Tech Industries around the workplace. Their versatility, low cost, and resistance to water and moisture make these types of adhesives the ideal choice in many applications.

Higher Quality

The hot melt adhesives are 100% solid material, i.e. no plasticizers, solvents or baptize is acclimated in manufacturing, abstraction or applying. Effective appliance of hot melt cement does not could cause atom rise, clashing abounding types of adhesives. Owing to the complete accomplishment process, the melting adhesives are not decumbent to any accident or abasement from trapped baptize or moisture. Due to its inherent properties, the admixture is absolute for bushing voids in the apparent with absolute affluence and perfection.


The cement has a above baptize resistance, and there is no charge to run or administer the adhering apathetic as it dries about instantly and alone takes a few abnormal to action absolute binding. Also, it does not appeal for any specific accumulator altitude and can be stored in any accepted allowance or barn after affecting the shelf life.


The admixture acclimated in authoritative hot adhesives is chargeless from formaldehyde, except some ailing bogus products. It does not crave abundant amplitude and blast for appliance and a baby hot melt gun can be acclimated to do the work. It does not absolution any affectionate of adverse gases or chancy decay and appropriately is safe to use. Although it is important to use able assurance apparatus like duke gloves and abounding sleeved accessory while applying melt adhesive.


Using hot melt adhesives is economical in both continued and abbreviate run applications. With aught wastage, except for that due to carelessness of applicator, and about negligible activity requirements, this is amidst one of the a lot of cost-effective and economical advantage for bounden and adhesion.

These are artlessly a few examples of how application hot melt cement can access the ability of your bounden jobs.

When you need performance driven hot melt adhesives from reliable industry leaders with the fastest turnaround time and the highest level of skilled customer support, turn to Heartland Adhesives. Our adhesive manufacturing company is proud to serve a broad scope of industries worldwide.