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Advantages of Zp Hot Melt Polyurethane


Hot melt polyurethane are used in a wide range of applications. The most common industries utilizing hot melt polyurethane are the automotive industry, packaging industry, electronics industry, woodworking industry, retail/footwear industry and the printing/bookbinding industry. The benefits of hot melt polyurethane are plentiful and are revered for their bond strength, rapid setting, durability and eco-friendly nature.

Below, our hot melt polyurethane manufacturers have listed additional advantages of this impressive polyurethane.

Hot Melt polyurethane PelletsEase of dispense (enables faster production times)

Quick set bond formation (enables faster production time)

Superior seal and surface gap filling properties (enhances aesthetics and durability)

Low price point with high yields (cost-effective)

Water resistant and humidity resistant (able to withstand environmental elements)

Produces less waste (environmentally-friendly)

Does not create hazardous waste (environmentally-safe)

Tamper resistant (protects consumers against unsafe tampering, protects distributors against potential lawsuits)

When you need performance driven hot melt polyurethane from reliable industry leaders with the polyurethane. Our polyurethane manufacturing company is proud to serve a broad scope of industries worldwide.