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Choose Right Hot Melt Adhesives For Your Application


Hot melt adhesives have revolutionized the way a wide variety of products are assembled. Using solid glue sticks that are heating to a liquid state and then applied via a glue gun or automatic applicator, hot melt technology has made the assembly process faster and safer and has improved the quality of many products.

Picking the right hot melt adhesives for you application can seem confusing as there are many different types on the market. But each is designed for a specific use and purpose, meaning all the choices really are there to help match you with the perfect adhesive for your needs.

The green aspect of theses types of glues make them ideal for food industry applications. Their no-odour and no-smell formulations make them perfect for packaging and shipment. They keep your product tasting and smelling like your product, acting in a seen and not smelled/tasted sense.

Other advantages for other applications include:

High assembly line speeds thanks to the speed by which bonds are formed.

High degree of flexibility in part design due to the large number of applications it is appropriate for.

It allows for the bonding of two non-porous surfaces.

There is a greater tolerance in part design in relation to gap filling due to its ability to be adaptable to this condition.

It can survive in high humidity environments as it is resistant to moisture

It has a long shelf life with no special controls making it easy to store anywhere

It is environmentally responsible.

Available in a variety of packing methods from pellets to sheets

Can be applied by hand rollers, robotic spray guns and a number of other ways.

With all of these diverse uses and ways to apply them, is a great choice for nearly any industrial application.