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Complete Coating System to Apply Hot Melt Adhesive


Complete coating system to apply hot melt and other adhesives to the top of web or sheet fed material.

Compatible With:

Wide range of adhesives applies at a wide range of speeds to many different substrates. Totally non-contact.

Product Details:

Hot Melt Swirl and Extrusion Systems.

Applies from 1 to 96 swirl patterns (standard).

Tight swirl, random fiberization, swirl splatter, bead & dot gluing available.

Applies hundreds of extrusion patterns.

Range of package widths to 20' - Mounts directly over any line.

Intermittent cycling available for adhesive savings.

Operates with a ride range of adhesives.

Substantially lower cost than fiberization.

Also available for application of water based and solvent glues.

The professionally research and produce various kinds of hot melt adhesive materials,including EVA, PA, PES, PU, HDPE mesh point film, hot melt web, hot melt net with paper, hot melt net without paper, and other hot melt adhesive related materials. And the products are widely applied to garment linings, vehicle interior decorations, shoe materials, furniture, filtration, medical treatments, construction materials, and other fields. Besides, we are experienced in exporting our products to Europe and all over the world.