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Development of Environmentally Friendly Hot Melt Adhesives


Hot melt adhesive, which also goes by the name of' hot glue' is an industrial use adhesive which has distinct advantages over conventional glue systems. Hot glue is a kind of a thermoplastic adhesive which is usually dispensed with a 'hot glue gun' and comes in cylindrical sticks of different diameters, to suit the exact requirements. Analysts from reputed research companies estimate the global hot melt adhesives market to be worth $7 Billion by the year 2018.

Hot melt adhesives have a long life and can be usually disposed of without any exceptional precautions. Some of the drawbacks include thermal load of the substrate, restricting usage to substrates which are not sensitive to higher temperatures and bond strength weakens at higher temperatures to complete melting of the adhesive. This can be reduced by the usage of a reactive adhesive that after hardening experiences further curing.

Hot melt glues usually contain of one base material with many additives. The configuration is typically made to achieve a glass transition temperature below the lowest service temperature and appropriate high melt temperature too. The degree of crystallization is normally high, however, within parameters of permissible shrinkage. The melt viscosity and the crystallization rate can be customized for the particular application.

With the industry and overall demands increasing, Hot melt adhesive suppliers have grown in substantial numbers over the last few years and internet is full of supplier listings which can cater to your need, no matter how large or small it is. These suppliers provide various forms of the hot glue like hot melt glue stick, pad hot melt adhesive, granule hot melt adhesive, pillow and block shape hot melt adhesive, which can be used with all type of glue guns and adhesive coating equipments.

All in all, if you are a packager or another user of hot melt adhesives for your own company, the option is The pricing for these adhesives is usually low-cost for you.