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Different Types Of Hot Melt Adhesives


Also known as hot glue, Hot Melt Adhesive (HMA) is a thermoplastic adhesive. The Hot melt adhesive comes in solid cylindrical sticks and the glue is melted in an electric hot glue gun. A mechanical trigger mechanism is used to push the glue that is melted by a continuous-duty heating element. The Hot melt adhesive (HMA) hardens in few seconds of its application. It is widely used for making pulp paper books.

Bookbinding is a process used for attaching individual pages of a book to make a single volume. In the process of bookbinding, the types of adhesives used matters a great deal. Whether it is spine gluing hard cover books, magazines, paperback, catalogs, telephone directories or special tipping and casing applications, Bookbinding Adhesives serve a lot of binding applications. Moreover, the varieties of Bookbinding Adhesives have been totally refined and redefined right from its introduction in the 19th century. Here is a list of some of the most common types of Bookbinding Adhesives:

Animal Glue:

This type of adhesive is protein colloid glue that is prepared by hydrolysis of the collagen from skins, bones, tendons, and other tissues of animals. Because of the protein content, the Animal Glue makes sturdy molecular bond with the glued object. Available in flake, granules or powder forms, animal glue is used for several purposes like conservation, bookbinding, and gluing backs in antiquarian book restoration.

Wheat Paste:

Wheat Paste is a general-purpose bookbinding adhesive that is best suited for application on paper, leather and binder's board. This type of adhesive is also ideal for paper-to-paper adhesion like repairing torn pages and corners, hinging, bookplates, etc. PVA bookbinding adhesives or methylcellulose can also be added to Wheat Paste for better adhesion.

Rice Starch:

Rice Starch adhesive is attributed with excellent water retention properties. It forms a transparent film when applied to an object and finds use for same applications like that of Wheat Paste.

General Purpose PVA:

PVA (Polyvinyl Acetate), also known as school glue, white glue, and wood glue, is a commonly used Stationery Adhesive. The General Purpose PVA is used widely as bookbinding adhesive. Apart from that it is also used for box making applications, filling in cracks in art canvases, adhering paper to paper, cloth to wood and leather, repairing ceramic objects, etc.

Methyl Cellulose:

Methyl Cellulose is an adhesive that is widely used for sizing papers and fabrics, bookbinding papers, thickening water baths for marbling paper, loosening and cleaning off old glue from spines and book boards, etc.