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Different Types of Polyurethane Hot Melt


EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) This polymer is suitable for both packaging and assembly formulas. It is economical and effective at service temperatures from -22 to 176 degrees F (-30 to 80 degrees C) Standard hot melt. EVA is the most common type of hot melt and used in applications like packaging and product assembly.

PA (Polyamide) This polymer used to formulate adhesives to create a better resistants to temperature extremes and chemicals -76 to 266 degrees F(-60 to 130 C).

Polyamide is an expensive product that offers high heat resistance compared to traditional EVA products.

PP (Polypropylene) This polymer often used in spray formulations, to create specific adhesion properties like delayed setting time it's effective at -22 to 230 degrees F(-30 to 110 C).

PUR (Polyurethane) Similar to the tradition polyurethane hot melt, except after it solidifies PUR absorbs small amounts of moisture. The intake of moisture creates a permanent chemical change after several days. This chemical change increases both heat and chemical resistance of this adhesive. The chemical reaction allows the PUR to form a structure bond similar to that of epoxies, but in less time. PUR is perfect for numerous applications, but is commonly used in woodworking.