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The effect of polyether glycol on the performance of polyurethane hot-melt adhesive film


Polyether polyols for polyurethane hot melt adhesive film performance, polyether glycols PEG PPG PTMG Shore A hardness of 627 079 Elongation /% 670 630 570 Tensile strength / M Pa 18. 4 22. 6 27 8, polyethylene glycol, polypropylene glycol and polytetrahydrofuran diol polyurethane synthesized melt film to gradually increase the tensile strength, elongation rate is gradually reduced. This is because the polyether glycol ether bond (-O-) presence of a large impact on the performance of polyurethane, an oxygen atom of the ether bond is not a hydrogen atom, a relatively easy rotation. So ether bond in the molecule density greater than PEG and PPG M PTG long stretch rate is greater.

Polyether molecular weight on the film properties. Experiment used three different molecular weight polyether elastomer prepared with MDI and test its mechanical properties, the results shown in Table 5. Molecular weight polyether polyurethane hot melt adhesive film on the properties of polyether relative molecular mass 100015002000 Shore A hardness of 797 571 Elongation /% 670 720 790 Tensile strength / M Pa 27. 8 25. 3 20.1 adhesive 2007, 28 (1). The amount of chain extender for polyurethane hot melt adhesive film properties BDO mass fraction /% 2 5.3 5.6 1.8 2.10 6. Shore A hardness 7076809195 tensile strength / M Pa 19. 5 24.4 28.6 34.5 37.1 tear strength / (kN / m) 0 60. 0 72. 1 35. 1 55. 1 80. elongation /% 6,105,705,405,004,703.

Polyether polyurethane hot melt adhesive film is formed of PTMG, BDO and MDI polymer materials such as polyurethane elastomer, and the elastomer is cast in a film casting machine, ie polyurethane hot melt adhesive film. A prepolymerization, the NCO content and determine the best amount of chain extender, the NCO content and found that as the amount of chain extender improve the cohesive strength of the elastomer increases, and made of hot melt adhesive film joint strength is increased first and then decreased. Compare the different varieties of polyether impact on the performance of hot melt adhesive film, hot melt adhesive film found PTMG synthetic mechanical properties and adhesion strength is large, suitable for factory use. Finally, the different molecular weight polyether were compared, indicating a molecular weight of 1500 better performance.