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Feature of Hot Melt Polyurethane


Hot melt polyurethane is a transparent colored, low odour, middle viscosity, glue stick. EVA based hot melt adhesive. Provides excellent bond to paper products.


Softening point, R & B °C 85 – 95

Viscosity at 170°C, cps 7000-10000

Maximum open time 10 – 20 Sec

Set time 2 – 4 Sec (FAST)


Feature: Good breathability, diamond check appearance, various custom patterns.

Application: Sewage treatment products, garment materials, home textiles.

Other names: thermoadhesive net, thermofusible net

Common application: Jean loops, curtains, breathable fabric composites.

We are professional hot melt adhesive materials manufacturer, hot melt adhesive solution expert, and hot melt adhesive research team. Our company has established for 19 years, with the research team with 6 people and sales team with 12 people. Now, we has almost 500 clients that come from 32 countries.strong sales team and sales network, professional R&D team.