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HDPE Film Features and Applications


Hdpe Film, shortened from high density polyethylene film, is the most widely used film in the world and is used more commonly internationally due to its availability and relatively inexpensive material cost. It is an excellent product for large applications that require UV and Ozone resistance, chemical resistance or high-quality installations. Typically used in water and waste management applications, this product is delivered in large rolls with a width of 5 to 9 meters and is heat welded in the field by trained technicians providing a high quality, test certified installation.

HDPE offers the most cost effective film for large projects and available in thickness ranging from 100 Micron to 2000 Micron. The film made from polypropylene provides the following advantages:

1. Formulated to provide 20 year service life as an unexposed membrane.

2. Excellent tensile/tear strength properties provide strength required in steep ponds of 3:1 slope angle or steeper.

3. Easy to join the seam.

4. Not subject to environmental stress cracking as are some other films.

Well, the major applications of HDPE film include:

1. Fire Hydrant Pond: Use of HDPE film in the fire ponds make a barrier and prevent water seepage from the pond. Fire ponds can be small or large.

2. Reservoirs: No matter how small or large, easy or complex, HDPE film can be installed for any reservoir to stop seepage.

3. Ash Dyke: It has a lower tendency to exchange ions with leachate constituents and maintains its integrity as a barrier and prevents the underground water contamination.

4. Hazardous Solid Waste Landfill:The function of a film system is to prevent passage of leachate to the subsoil. This is achieved by placing a barrier layer at the base of the landfill. It may be one or more layers of clay or a synthetic flexible film (or a combination of these).

5. Waste Water Treatment: One popular method of treating waste water involves storing it in evaporation ponds or storage ponds. The engineering objective is to eliminate any seepage outside the ponds.

6. Tank Lining: HDPE film is an effective containment film used in tanks to hold a wide variety of liquid, like water, waste water, treated sludge, fuels, gasoline, etc.