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Hot Melt Adhesive Has a Full Range of Performance


The adhesive is defined as a material simply by pressing the joint portions that need to be bonded together. At room temperature, they exhibit lasting and permanent adhesion.

Hot melt adhesives are solvent-free adhesives. This means that they are solid at temperatures below 82 ° C, become low viscosity fluids above 180 ° F, and are quickly placed after cooling. Prior to the development of hot melt technology, the use of molten wax for bonding. When the molten wax is no longer an effective solution, the introduction of a thermoplastic system. Hot melt technology stems from this evolution.

Today, these adhesives are used in a variety of manufacturing processes, including packaging, binding and product assembly. There are many hot melt adhesives used in the most common ones for hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives. Such as polyurethane reactivity In most cases, additives such as resins, waxes, antioxidants, plasticizers and other materials are combined with these polymers to provide a full range of properties.

Today's adhesives are used primarily for packaging, textiles, labels, tapes and other pressure sensitive applications, disposable products, stamps, envelopes and product assembly processes. Ordinary household products such as diapers and disposable mats are made from this technology, as well as a large number of food packaging.

Hot melt glue in 145 degrees can be completely dissolved, scorched is not, just one of the sticky, but can not stick to the everywhere, you can try: first with cloth in the Above, with iron in the top of the hot, and immediately tear off the next to come again, every time to change clothes, more than a few results should be good.

The use of hot melt adhesive has led to the increasing use of hot melt adhesives. Speaking of hot melt machine in the application of various industries, making our related industries to the development of a high-level stage, production capacity and related operators configuration has also changed. So it benefited from the development of today's technology to bring us the convenience.