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Hot Melt Adhesive Manufacturers - What Is Water-based Adhesive


Water-based adhesives are not as popular as hot melts, but they are useful in a wide variety of applications and are a reliable choice.

Water-based (or more commonly referred to as waterborne) adhesives are typically formulated from either: Natural Polymers – from vegetable sources (e.g. dextrins, starches), protein sources (e.g. casein, blood, fish, soybean, milk albumen), and animal (e.g. hides, bones)

Two of the more popular types of water-based adhesives are EVA/PVA and Vegetable-based (Dextrin).

Dextrin is commonly used for paper applications and contains a starch base, which allows the adhesive to have a more flexible, solid bond.

EVA/PVA polymers are water-based emulsions. These are the ‘work horses’ of water based adhesives and are commonly used to bind fabrics, woods, papers, foams and some plastics.

Similar to hot melt adhesives, water-based glues are used for many similar applications. The decision to use one or the other usually comes down to bond requirements, equipment type and required production speeds. professional hot melt adhesive materials manufacturer, hot melt adhesive solution expert, and hot melt adhesive research team.