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Hot Melt Adhesives are Suitable for You


The short set time of a glue such as our Fast-Set Packaging Glue makes this formulation ideal for high volume manufacturing and packaging lines, while the longer open time of a formulation such as our Dura-Tac High Strength Glue allows assemblers and crafters to position parts more precisely, yet still have the benefit of a strong bond once set. Pressure sensitive, non pressure sensitive, permanent, and fugutive (removable) hot melt adhesives are available in an array of formulations to provide optimal adhesion to almost any surface.

Glue application equipment puts the glue only where it is needed and the glue quickly cools, so it poses no real danger.

The Difference Between High Temperature and Low Temperature Glue Guns.Our Top Six Hot Melts

Developments in hot melt adhesive technology continue to produce new polymers and glue formulations that provide improved adhesion, physical properties, and additional options for melting, applying, and activating the adhesives. Our Glue Dabs and Specialty Glue Gun are examples of advances in hot melt glue materials and applications.

Best Materials for Bonding with Hot Melt Glue