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Hot Melt Adhesives in Production


We use hot melt technology widely in different industrial area. It can provide extreme hot melt adhesive power in assembling parts and sealing packages. Following is some different applications of hot melt technology.

1. Packaging - In packaging, the glue can’t be strong because you need remove it to get the product out of the package. You do not want to have the product sealed forever inside the box (or whatever container is used). But the product inside the package should be kept safely and in a dry condition (especially if it is food) so the adhesive should be strong enough.

2. Nonwovens - The use of nonwoven fabrics in clothing and other furnishings are widely embraced because of their strength and resilience. The hot melt technology has a part in achieving those properties of nonwoven fabrics.

3. Appliance assembly - Hot melt technology has low cost without the strength getting compromised which gets the attention of appliance manufacturers.

4. School projects, arts and crafts - This is the most basic application of this technology is the traditional consumer glue gun. It is the simplest adhesive dispenser that is readily available in households and schools.

Today's adhesives are used primarily for packaging, textiles, labels, tapes, and other pressure sensitive applications, disposable products, stamps, envelopes and product assembly processes. Common household products like diapers and disposable pads are made from this technology, along with a significant amount of food packaging.

Production is a continuous process. In most cases a compounder is used to produce a homogenous melt. After plasticizing/masticating and compounding the various rubbers, the resins (solid or liquid) and softeners/oils are added downstream. For larger quantities, the liquid can be fed at several locations along the extruder, using multiple kneading and homogenizing stages.

Hot melt glue is a cheap adhesive in the market which can decrease your costs. This is especially helpful if you will be using it quite a lot and go through it quickly as it won't cost as much to replace.

Using a hot melt adhesive is particularly handy if you are using it for building model toys such as aeroplanes, boats and cars. The reason for this is because it's unaffected by water, moisture and humidity. This means that you can use your toys anywhere you like without needing to worry about whether the parts are going to become loose over time.

It is health and safe to use this type of adhesive. Reasons for this include the fact that they do not generate any hazardous waste and they don't require the posting of 'cancer warning' signs. Obviously this is much better than other adhesives because you don't have to worry about your or anyone else's health.