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Hot Melt PSA Label Development Adhesives and Sealants


Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive are designed for either permanent or removable applications. Examples of permanent applications include safety labels for power equipment, foil tape for HVAC duct work, automotive interior trim assembly, and sound/vibration damping films. Some high performance permanent PSAs exhibit high adhesion values and can support kilograms of weight per square centimeter of contact area, even at elevated temperature. Permanent PSAs may be initially removable (for example to recover mislabeled goods) and build adhesion to a permanent bond after several hours or days.

Removable adhesives are designed to form a temporary bond, and ideally can be removed after months or years without leaving residue on the adherend. Removable adhesives are used in applications such as surface protection films, masking tapes, bookmark and note papers, price marking labels, promotional graphics materials, and for skin contact (wound care dressings, EKG electrodes, athletic tape, analgesic and transdermal drug patches, etc.). Some removable adhesives are designed to repeatedly stick and unstick. They have low adhesion and generally cannot support much weight.

Packaging Options for PSA Label Adhesives

We package our pressure sensitive label adhesive products in two ways, providing your business with the best packaging systems and solutions for your unique needs.

Hot Melt Adhesive Manufacturers

Fiber Drums – Silicone-lined fiber drums for large liquid-state adhesive shipments.

Pellet Adhesives

No-Pack Bags – Pressure sensitive adhesive pellets are sealed into meltable bags. Simply drop each No-Pack pellet bag into your PSA hot melt tank and use at your convenience.

Hotmelt-zp Adhesives has developed over 800 PSA hot melt formulas. Our pressure sensitive hotmelt label adhesives are designed to meet stringent process and end use requirements, from high speed labeling (up to 900 labels-per-minute) to broad application temperature ranges. We provide customized adhesive formulations to meet your business’ unique adhesion requirements. Our industry leading two week adhesive production time swiftly provides your business with the quality adhesive solution you deserve.