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Household Items Used Hot Melt Adhesive To Bond


China is the lack of timber in the country, in addition to a small amount of high-grade furniture, the use of solid wood, usually most of the furniture using fibreboard, shavings or sawdust board production, and furniture edge of the edge of the board must use hot melt adhesive edge material bonding, Solid wood furniture. The technical indicators of the use of hot melt adhesive are as follows: Appearance: white was slightly yellow granular or rod-like.

Furniture hot melt adhesive is a kind of dedicated adhesive sheet for man-made sheet, it is an environmentally friendly, solvent-free thermoplastic adhesive. When the hot melt is heated to a certain temperature, that is, from solid to molten state, when applied to the wood board substrate or edge material surface, the cooling into a solid, the material and the substrate together.

Hot melt adhesives make assembly mattress faster and easier. Because of their ease of handling, many manufacturers use adhesives to connect the foam near the mattress spring, connect the cushioning foam and the insulator to the inside of the mattress body, and keep the pillow top cushioning and decorating the fabric. This is very important for today's more complex mattresses. Customers need the functionality of additional comfort such as gel and foam, and need to use a non-toxic fastening system to carefully attach the internal mattress structure to the internal mattress structure.

You may use hot melt to assemble the mattress, and if so, you may appreciate its non-flammable and non-toxic properties as well as its fast cure time. Now, a new polymer can help you increase productivity and can extend further than the adhesive you use.

Now it's time to have a little internal test on tape and hot melt adhesives, and we have no objection to tape, but if you can move to your packaging application hot melt adhesive, there are many obvious advantages. Hot melt adhesives offer better packaging products, lower cost, most applications faster. If you are willing to make changes, all of this will win for hot melt.