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How to Classify Industrial Adhesives


Industrial Adhesives are available in a wide variety of types. Before learning about these types, however, it pays to know about where such product is utilized. As the name implies, this industrial product is used in order to provide easier fastening for manufacturing applications. It has the capacity to join a material to another.

Classifications of industrial adhesives depend upon some factors and considerations. Sometimes, inorganic and organic chemical components are also used in the classification. In this particular instance, a type known as industrial sealants are formed. These products are known to fill the gaps in between surfaces in order to prevent leak and infiltration. Aside from this though, adhesives may be further categorized according to chemical compositions and adhesion properties.

Industrial adhesives according to chemical compositions.

There are a number of types under this category for the industrial product. Topping the list are acrylic or acrylate adhesives. These adhesives are favored because they have excellent resistance to environmental conditions. When compared to other bonding systems, these ones set faster on the surface where it is applied.

There are yet other types of adhesives classified according to chemical compositions. One type is known as the cyanoacrylates which are often referred to as super glues because they instantly create a bond on any type of mated surfaces. Another is known as epoxy adhesives or compounds that join components together.

Other types are phenolic, formaldehyde and melamine resins, and polyurethane, silicone and rubber adhesives.

Types of adhesives according to adhesion properties.

Adhesion refers to the ability of a certain component to stick firmly into another material. In this regard, there are also various types of adhesives. Hot melt adhesives are those that usually undergo the heat softening process and are later on hardened through cooling.

This is a flexible type of adhesive basically because it allows re-positioning or removal of materials while the assembly is being conducted. Pressure adhesives on the other hand are those that have the capacity to work even with minimal pressure employed during the bonding process. These are also often called contact adhesives.

Other types of industrial adhesives are known as thermoset and UV curing adhesives. Thermoset adhesives are those making use of heat or a combination of heat and pressure during the curing process. UV curing, also known as radiation curable adhesives, are those that make use of ultraviolet radiation to perform the adhesive's curing process.