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Important Additives for the Hot Melt Adhesive


Hot melt adhesive is a solvent-free polymer that does not require a solvent and 100% does not contain moisture. At room temperature for the solid, heated to a certain temperature after melting into a certain viscosity of the liquid. Melted hot melt, light brown or white. Hot melt adhesive is composed of tackifier, antioxidant, viscosity modifier and basic resin and other components.

The tackifier is one of the important additives of hot melt adhesive. After adding the tackifier, it can improve the fluidity of the colloid and the wettability of the adherend, improve the bonding performance and achieve the required bonding strength. Add the appropriate antioxidant in order to avoid premature aging of the hot melt. As the colloid in the melting temperature is too high easy to oxidative decomposition, add into the antioxidant to ensure that in high temperature environment, the bonding performance does not change.

Viscosity modifier is also one of the important additives of hot melt. Its function is to enhance the colloid fluidity, adjust the coagulation speed, to achieve fast bonding solid effect. The basic resin of hot melt adhesive is ethylene and vinyl acetate copolymerization at high temperature and high pressure, that is, EVA resin. The ratio of the basic resin, the quality determines the basic properties of hot melt adhesive, such as adhesive bond strength, melting temperature and the use of its additives.

Hot melt adhesive mainly hot melt block, hot melt rubber, hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive powder, hot melt film, hot melt film and so on. Hot melt adhesive tape is mainly used in electronics, handicrafts, glass and packaging, luggage and other industries. Hot melt adhesive powder is mainly used in the apparel industry. Hot melt adhesive particles are mainly used in the filter and furniture edge, paste skin. Hot melt block is mainly used for luggage industry. The specific situation depends on the use and hot melt adhesive