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Industrial Adhesives Technologies


Leverage the tenacity and knowledge of our chemists and technicians to discover innovative, industrial adhesive technologies and adhesive solutions for your challenging problems.

Our industry leading chemists and technicians are constantly working to advance our adhesive technologies and adhesive solutions offerings. Our talented teams provides our customer's with the industries best adhesive solutions in Hot Melt products, Solvent-Based products, Urethane, Epoxy, Solventless products and Water-Based products. Our advanced adhesive technologies are an incredible value add to your products and projects.

When it comes to industrial adhesive and structural epoxy, Invertech Canada Inc. is capable of providing you with a wide variety of options. We understand that every industry and product is unique, and that the industrial adhesive and structural epoxy you use should reflect this. This means that we have worked hard to ensure that your specific needs can be met fully with our products every time.

To achieve this, we not only provide top quality industrial adhesives, but we also offer variety in our product line to ensure that our client need sets are met through our various offerings. Additionally, our knowledgable staff members are always there to help you in getting the most utility out of the industrial adhesive you opt for. We follow this business philosophy to ensure that our customers get the most out of the product that they are paying for, to ensure a situation of mutual benefit for our company and for our customers.

From adhesives with long open times for large area applications to fast-curing adhesives for early removal from fixtures and rapid through-put, this range includes adhesives which are resistant to high temperatures, water and chemicals, making them ideal for use in challenging environments.