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Polyurethane Hot Melt Adhesive Is Widely Used In The Market


Hot melt adhesive is a plasticity of the adhesive, at room temperature was solid, heated and quickly bonded after melting. Today is to talk about the polyurethane hot melt adhesive. Polyurethane hot melt adhesives have been widely used in all walks of life, the production of composite panels in the processing process, the general use of water-based, solvent-based, single-component or two-component adhesive to composite bonding, but there is low productivity , Not environmentally friendly, low strength, no water and other shortcomings. The use of polyurethane hot melt adhesive can overcome the above problems, efficient production of reliable products.

Fishing gear is the use of adhesive more supplies, in the wire ring, handle, plugs, buoys and other places need to be bonded, a lot of use of quick-drying glue, solvent-based glue, two-component glue and other bonding, there is a poor elasticity, Easy to crack, poor water and corrosion resistance, low strength, volume shrinkage, erosion rod, curing slow, not environmental protection and other issues.

Home decoration sub-traditional furniture decoration, for metal hooks, door handles, towel racks and other hardware and a variety of decorations such as picture frames, etc., need to drill holes in the tiles or walls to achieve fixed nails, and now use Nail decoration can be directly bonded to them, neither the destruction of tiles and walls, colleagues can guarantee the connection strength, water and oil, and to avoid the future due to frequent use of loose and fall off.

Arts and crafts in the manufacturing process, the extensive use of hot melt adhesive rod, there is a poor bond strength, the export process because of the high temperature cracking phenomenon. The use of polyurethane hot melt adhesive to achieve a wide range of bonding, strong strength, flexibility, high temperature and other advantages.

Polyurethane hot melt adhesive is with a different spray gun, polyurethane hot melt adhesive can be sprayed in a variety of forms to different materials. Now it is also used on high-demand fiber components. Polyurethane hot melt adhesive has been successfully applied in Europe for more than ten years, and in China is still in the initial stage, and now we should increase efforts to research and development, keep up with the pace of the market to meet the different needs of customers.