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The Application of Hot Melt Adhesive


The glue gun includes both low temperature and high temperature. The low temperature glue gun works at about 120 ° C and is well suited for high temperature conditions such as glued lace and cloth. The high temperature gun runs at about 190-210 ° C and produces a stronger bond. The dual temperature gun has a switch for low temperature and high temperature use.

In addition to bonding the surfaces together, the gap can be filled with hot melt adhesive, but the gap is filled so that it does not form a thin and smooth adhesive film. The hot melt must be carried out quickly before the glue hardens. It is usually necessary to use glue guns precisely because it can not be easily spread, but at any time you can use a hot gun or a household ironing board to melt and disperse the glue, which helps to bond large areas.

Hot melt adhesives can be used to assemble and repair foam models as a substitute for foam-safe cyanoacrylate or UHU POR adhesives. Due to the insulation properties of the foam, hot melt adhesives are much longer when used on wood, metal or plastic.

Hot melt adhesives are varied. Typically, hot melt is applied by extrusion, rolling or spraying, and the high melt viscosity makes it ideal for porous and permeable substrates. HMA can bond arrays of different substrates, including: rubber, ceramics, metal, plastic, glass and wood.

Hot melt adhesive can be used in a variety of different types and can be used in a wide range of industries. For the use of remote control foam model aircraft assembly or maintenance of interest or process items, as well as artificial flower layout, the use of hot melt adhesive rods and hot melt glue gun to apply adhesives. In order to be used in industrial processes, the adhesive is provided at a higher melting rate of larger rods and glue guns. In addition to hot melt adhesives, hot melt adhesives can be delivered in other forms, such as granular or power hot frit, for bulk melt processing. The larger use of hot melt adhesives traditionally uses pneumatic systems to provide adhesives.