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The Demand for Hot Melt Adhesive- What It Is Used for


Hot Melt Adhesive are used to bond two surfaces together. There are many different surfaces including ceramic, glass, wood, metal, fabric, plastic and more. All these surfaces have their own individual properties. Adhesives are designed to suit the properties of certain specific surfaces. For example adhesives that work on metals make not be suitable for use on plastics. There are two types of adhesives, Non-reactive Adhesives and Reactive Adhesives.

Non-reactive Adhesives

Drying Adhesives

Solvent based and emulsion adhesives harden by drying. It has mixtures combined to a solvent. They harden as the solvent evaporates and the strength of the bond they form between the two materials being joined depends on the properties of those two materials. Some examples of such can be white glue and contact cements.

Contact Adhesives

These are another category of non-reactive adhesives that form bonds which have very high shear resistance. These adhesives are used in joining the soles of shoes as the bonds between the sole and the shoe need to be strong and shear resistant. They also need to be applied to both surfaces in order to create a strong bond.

Reactive Adhesives

One-part adhesives

This type form bonds through a chemical reaction with an external source that can be heat or moisture. Light curing adhesives (LCM) are amongst the popular adhesives between manufacturers since they can cure very quickly and form very strong bond. It is an ideal choice for us to use this kind of adhesive, because of qualities like being able to withstand high temperature.

Demand for adhesive

Nearly 80 percent of the demand for adhesive comes from the nonwoven, packaging and construction industries. In the construction industry, the adhesive is used for installing laminated wood panels, wall panels, prefabricated beams, general building construction and installation of flooring, carpeting, tiles, wall coverings and ceiling panels.

Adhesives are used for the manufacture office supplies, model and hobby supplies and stationery for consumer goods. In the packaging industry, adhesives are used for items like boxes, cartons, bags, corrugated boards, envelopes, cigarettes, stamps, labels and disposable products (paper products, diapers, and feminine hygiene products).

Adhesives are often used in the tapes industry to manufacture items used for surgery, industrial applications, packaging, masking applications and consumer applications. In many of the developed economies, the greatest demand for adhesive originates from the packaging industry. The corrugated boxes are considered to be the largest consumers of adhesive in the packaging industry.

Adhesive is often utilized in disposable products such as diapers. It is used to glue together different parts of the diapers, such as the elastics and the pad. The adhesive is manufactured out of a mixture of oils, tackifiers and resins. It is then applied when it is in its molten form. When it cools down, the adhesive provides the necessary force of bonding that keeps the product together. Two kinds of adhesives are often used: The elastomeric adhesive (which has a higher elasticity as well as bonding strength) and the construction adhesive. The elastomeric adhesive is often core expensive when compared with the construction adhesive.