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The Different Types of Adhesive Solutions to Meet Your Businesses Needs


You can bond various materials with adhesives in different ways, offering a better solution because of its flexibility, labor costs, weight reduction and versatility. Adhesive is increasingly finding its way in many households as people seek to repair their items including furniture and shoes. Therefore, many adhesive manufacturers are taking every initiative to ensure the right products are available for home and industry use. There are so many types of adhesives in the market because different materials require different kinds of adhesives.

Here, we've listed the many different types of adhesives and what they are most suited for, so you can choose the right one for your requirements.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives

Cyanoacrylate adhesives come in many different forms. They can bond materials which are hard to bond together easily. This makes them ideal for polypropylene, polyethylene and PTFE. Metal, rubber, silicone and other substrates are also able to be bonded using cyanoacrylate adhesives. From high temperature resistant to impact resistant there are a range of cyanoacrylate adhesives to suit every need.

Anaerobic adhesives

An anaerobic adhesive will remain as a liquid until sealing between two materials. It hardens to form a tough bond that is very useful for bonding to metals. Anaerobic adhesives are strong and resistant to high temperatures. They are mainly used for bonding and locking solutions and sealing, coming in a range of forms for both automatic and manual dispensing.

UV Light Curable Adhesives

UV Light Curable adhesives are suitable for a variety of applications and are solvent free. When exposed to UV light of a specific intensity and spectral output the adhesives will cure fast to form strong bonds. Ideal for using for glass, most plastics and metals.

Structural acrylics

These acrylics have been designed specifically for maximum shock and impact resistance. They cure fast and at room temperature and are suitable for a number of applications making them a great versatile adhesive.

Epoxy adhesives

Epoxy adhesives are suitable for a wide variety of materials and have a number of different cure speeds to suit a number of different applications to ensure high strength bonds. A high performing advanced epoxy adhesive is ideal for bonding most engineering materials.

Epoxy adhesives are very water resistant and durable making them ideal for harsh climates. They are widely used in aerospace structures, kitchen counter tops, motor houses and to bond the handles onto tools. From general items to advanced projects these Adhesive Manufacturers are reliable and durable whatever your needs are.