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The Features and Uses of hot melt polyurethane


Hot melt polyurethane refers to a plastic that has heat softening, cooling hardening properties. Commonly used in life of the thermoplastic plastics are polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and so on.

Hot melt polyurethane is also the largest producer of plastic in the industry. According to the pressure used in polymerization can be divided into high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure three. Polyethylene is excellent in corrosion resistance and electrical insulation, and can be modified by chlorination, irradiation, glass fiber and the like. High density polyethylene has a high melting point, rigidity, hardness and strength, and its water absorption is small, with good electrical properties and resistance to radiation. Low density polyethylene softness, elongation, impact strength and permeability is better. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene impact strength, fatigue, wear. Low pressure polyethylene is suitable for making corrosion resistant parts and insulating parts, high pressure polyethylene suitable for making films and so on. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is suitable for making shock absorption, wear and transmission parts.

The appearance of polypropylene is similar to that of polyethylene, but is more transparent and lighter than polyethylene. It does not absorb water, and the tensile strength, compressive strength and hardness and flexibility are better than polyethylene. Polypropylene can be used as a variety of mechanical parts such as flanges, fittings, pump impellers, auto parts and bicycle parts. It can also be used for water, steam, all kinds of acid and alkali transport pipeline.

Hot melt polyurethane is one of the world's largest varieties of plastic. The polyvinyl chloride resin is white or light yellow powder. Depending on the application, different additives can be added, PVC plastic presents different physical and mechanical properties. As the chemical stability of PVC, it can be used for anti-corrosion pipeline, the key, oil pipeline, centrifugal pumps, blowers and so on. PVC hard board is widely used in the chemical industry to produce a variety of storage tank lining and some building materials. At the same time, it is also used in the electronics industry.

Because of the superior performance of thermoplast, many of the traditional plastic has been gradually replaced by it. The rapid development of China's industry also provides a huge application space for Hot melt polyurethane.