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The Production of Hot Melt Adhesives


Today, these adhesives are used in a variety of manufacturing processes, including packaging, bookbinding and product assembly. There are a number of hotmelt adhesives in use, with the most common being those used for hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive applications

Adhesives are used primarily for packaging, textiles, labels, tapes, and other pressure sensitive applications, disposable products, stamps, envelopes and product assembly processes. Common household products like diapers and disposable pads are made from this technology, along with a significant amount of food packaging.

Production is a continuous process. In most cases a compounder is used to produce a homogenous melt. After plasticizing/masticating and compounding the various rubbers, the resins (solid or liquid) and softeners/oils are added downstream. For larger quantities, the liquid can be fed at several locations along the extruder, using multiple kneading and homogenizing stages.

Hot melt adhesives are widely used in industrial manufacturing for everyday household, personal and medical products. There are many kinds of methods available for bonding various materials, but hot melt adhesives offer a better solution for certain products due to their flexibility, versatility, labor savings and weight reduction.

As you can see, hot melt adhesive technology is used in many industries and with vast applications. It's a technology that is not commonly discussed but is found in many of the products you touch every day.