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Using Hot Melt Adhesives for A Range of Applications


Optimal holding power to corrugated materials

Superior flexibility for better performance under constant stress

Quick adhesion

Hot melt glues are available in many colors and in pearlescent colors as well. Store-bought colors have one slight problem: they come in green, red, yellow and etc.. in completely solid opaqueness. These are not considered "fishy' colors and many patterns call for clear or transparent. I have searced for a number of years and through experimentation (it is never ending) I have found some hot-melt glue in colors and appearance that fly tyers will like.

Hold the hook or fly in your hands when you are prepared to start using the hot glue. Holding it the hands gives you complete control over the positioning of the glue. Gravity becomes your best friend at this point. Holding the hook allows you to twist, turn, rotate and etc., the fly to position the glue where you want it by use of gravity. Most of the time this takes only a few seconds. Keeping it in a vise disallows this freedom.

The use of hot-melt glues in making flies is simple, efficient, fast and cost effective. Glue guns and hot-melt glue sticks are all you need.