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What are Hot Melt Glue Made of?


Hot glue or hot melt glue is made of thermoplastic adhesive. That means it is very sensitive to temperature changes. When it gets hot, it melts. When it gets really cold, it gets brittle. In between, it is a perfectly stable substance that does not feel sticky.

If you are really interested in how tape is made, check out this YouTube video on the Discovery Network. Basically, a special type of glue is applied to cellophane, paper, fabric or another substance and heated. That glue quickly and effectively bonds to whatever surface it is placed on. Tape has varying levels of stickiness; Scotch tape can be very strong, while blue painter’s tape is made to come off of surface quickly and without pulling up the finish.

As far as I know, this is the only type of glue or adhesive you can recycle. This YouTube video provides a tutorial on melting hot glue and reusing it.

If you cannot recycle glue and adhesives, how can you throw less of it away? By consuming less, of course.

Make abiding you consistently epitomize your cement so you do not accept to bandy it abroad until it is all gone. Most glues accommodate water, which evaporates if apparent to air and leaves alone the adhesives behind. If you leave the lid off the cement canteen or cement cap, all that baptize will clear and leave you with a agglomeration of abstract material. Supervise accouchement application cement bottles or cement sticks, and accomplish abiding you get in the addiction of putting the lid aback on every time you use the bottle.

If you are affairs cool cement or a agnate artefact that dries out quickly, buy the aboriginal tube you can find. That way you will not accept to bandy abroad a ample alembic if you do not use the absolute thing. Even better, see if you can borrow the cement from anyone else.