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What Happens at Hot Melt Adhesive Audit I


Hot melt adhesive analysis performed by hotmelt-zp Industries can definitively acquaint you if you’re appliance the appropriate articles for your needs or if there’s a bigger another available.

And while hot melt adhesive audits alter from business to business, they all chase a agnate process.

1. Assessing your applications

we action hot melt adhesive solutions for the afterward industries:


General packaging

Artefact assembly

Paper converting

Tube & amount winding


2. Reviewing your accepted hot melt adhesives

Before we alpha the audit, we accept to apperceive what we’re testing first.

In adjustment to do that, we attending at the hot melt adhesive formulations you’re currently using:


Dry blend

Hot melt

Glue sticks

Laminating hot melt adhesives

Rubber & latex

Pressure acute & acrylic

We’ll attending at things like composition, density, bendability and temperature limits.

Hot melt adhesive analysis casework can be done on items from any hot melt adhesive manufacturer. Wildly used for seamless zipper,seamless pocket,top fly,mesh fabric lamination for sport shoes,seamless.