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What Happens at Hot Melt Adhesive Audit II


3. Hot Melt Adhesive Testing

When we appear to your facility, we’ll analysis your action to see how, if and area your hot melt adhesive is getting used.

During this phase, our abstruse adumbrative will attending to acknowledgment key questions, such as:

How is the hot melt adhesive activated (automatic vs. chiral application)

What are the compression times of the hot melt adhesive

Machining characteristics (how calmly it can be cut) of the hot melt adhesive getting used

What are its consumption, breadth and decay properties

How abundant hot melt adhesive is getting acclimated during application

It’s important for us to get as abundant reliable abstracts as possible.

So we’ll be watching your operation as carefully as accessible – for as continued as accessible – to ensure superior and basic advice is captured.

4. The test results

After we’ve tested, calm and advised the data, we’ll adapt a absolute address for you.

If we acquisition that you accept the appropriate hot melt adhesive – even if it isn’t ours – we’ll acclaim you accumulate appliance it.

If we ascertain that your hot melt adhesive isn’t assuming to the best of its ability, we’ll action bigger and added applied alternatives.

The ambition of an hot melt adhesive analysis is to admeasurement your accepted hot melt adhesive. It isn’t to advertise you something you don’t need.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Hot melt adhesive powders and granule

1) 20kgs/bag & 25kgs/bag, with composite kraft paper bag

2) palletizing suitable for sea and air transportation

3)shrink film

Delivery Detail: 3-15 days

Hot melt adhesive has advantages of lower melting point, good spring back performance and very soft hand touching feeling etc.and is suitable for nylon fabric Lycra fabric and the compound processing on different elastic fabric, laundry-resistant, easy to usage, do not influence the characteristic of the elastic fabric after compounding the fabric.