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What is Hot Melt Adhesive


Hot melt adhesives are widely used in industrial manufacturing for everyday household, personal and medical products. There are many kinds of methods available for bonding various materials, but hot melt adhesives offer a better solution for certain products due to their flexibility, versatility, labor savings and weight reduction.

In practice, nearly 80% of the world demand for adhesives comes from packaging, nonwoven and construction industries. In construction, hot melt adhesives are used for manufacturing and installation of laminated wood panels, prefabricated beams, wall panels, general building construction, installation of flooring, tile, carpeting, ceiling panels and wall coverings. For consumer goods, adhesives are used in the manufacturing of office supplies, hobby and model supplies and stationery. In packaging, the adhesives are used in products like cartons, boxes, corrugated boards, bags, envelopes, disposable products (diapers, paper products, feminine hygiene products), cigarettes, labels and stamps.

As mentioned, hot melts are often used in disposable products like diapers. They are used to glue the different components of the diaper, such as the pad and the elastics. They are made of a mixture of resins, oils and tackifiers. The adhesive is applied in molten form and when it cools down it provides the required bonding force to glue the materials. Generally, two types of adhesives are used, namely, a construction adhesive and an elastomeric adhesive for the leg and waist elastics around the edges of the diaper. This elastomeric adhesive has a higher elasticity and bonding strength, so it's often more expensive than construction adhesives. If the diaper pad is made to be very thin, sometimes manufacturers use a third adhesive called a "pad integrity adhesive". This adds strength to the diaper core when it gets wet.

If you walk down the aisle of your local grocery store, you'll see thousands of boxes, packages and cases that use hot melt technology. Any box you find that has a flap glued to another flap, like a cereal box, is made with hot melt adhesive applications. Feminine hygiene products like tampons and pads also use hot melts to hold their fibers together. Packages of muffins, candies, food bars, chips, cookies and other snacks are often sealed with hot melt glue as well.

As you can see, hot melt technology is used in many industries and with vast applications. It's a technology that is not commonly discussed but is found in many of the products you touch every day.