What should be attention to in hot melt film in wet weather?


What problems should I notice when the hot melt film fa […]

What problems should I notice when the hot melt film faces the wet weather, so that it can show its due effect? Let's take a look at the hot melt adhesive film manufacturer Heng Ning New Materials Co., Ltd. for your specific explanation.

The first point

1. If the hot melt adhesive film is produced in the face of this condition, be sure to pay attention to the temperature and humidity changes in the plant.

2. Temperature and humidity changes will cause different changes in the hot melt adhesive film, because in the production of it, the use of ink and other raw materials such as glue will cause color changes due to humidity, unable to achieve accurate color requirements. Therefore, in the production, the requirements for the plant need to be strictly controlled.

Second point

1. Next, the hot melt adhesive film will use a heat transfer machine or the like in hot stamping.

2. These devices will get wet in humid air, affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation.

3. Then, when using the equipment, you should let the machine warm up first, remove the moisture and make the hot stamping effect better.

Third point

1. Do you know how to do it when you save the remaining lettering film? Xiaobian proposes a recommended storage condition. The temperature is preferably within 25 degrees, to prevent light and humidity from maintaining 55-65, and to prevent pressure.

2. If it is necessary to store for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to keep the environment ventilated, so that the space can be kept in a smooth state, which will be more conducive to preservation.

These are some of the problems that hot melt adhesive films need to be aware of when facing a humid climate. I hope that they will help you.