How to use hot melt adhesive film in various industries?


Hot melt adhesive film is a material adhesive with two […]

Hot melt adhesive film is a material adhesive with two different or different materials. The hot melt adhesive film is very demanded in the industry, but as a high-viscosity high-tech material, we first need to know the hot melt adhesive film. It is reasonable to purchase the product after the feature. It will be more handy when we use it. The following PES hot melt adhesive film manufacturer Shanghai Heng Ning will share with you the problems that need to be paid attention to when using hot melt adhesive film in various industries.

1. Sports shoes industry:

According to the materials used in the model shoes, the hot melt adhesive film is pressed onto the surface of the material through the high-temperature composite equipment. After it is completely dried, each part that needs to be customized according to the pattern is punched or electro-engraved, and the glue needs to be removed. The release paper of the film can only be heated to the mesh or other fabric surface after high temperature and high pressure: this method is called seamless bonding upper;

This seamless bonding method can be applied to all seamless sports shoes, but the process requirements are different for different materials. Therefore, we need to select the corresponding hot melt adhesive film according to our own requirements. Can be used in batches.

2. Clothing industry:

According to the size requirements of the bonded fabric, the user first cuts the hot melt adhesive film into a corresponding width, and uses a high-temperature hot-melt adhesive film on the surface of the fabric to seal the release paper. And once again according to the requirements of the process for high temperature pressing and bonding, in this way is called blanching seamless bonding;

The garments are bonded by hot melt adhesive film, and many suitable fabrics are also very complicated. Due to the complexity of the process requirements, the user needs to perform the proofing test before mass production.

3, leather case industry:

It needs to be based on the holster or the material used in the luggage, and then the hot melt adhesive film is applied to the surface of the material through the high temperature composite equipment, and then it is punched or cut according to the process requirements, and then the film is removed after waiting for curing. Type paper, which is pressed to the surface of the bonded material after high temperature;

The holster or the bag is made of various materials. When it is suitable for the hot melt adhesive film, it needs to be bonded according to the temperature resistance and the folding resistance of the material used; and the test is carried out according to the process requirements. produce.