Different uses of medical tape


We often see that first-aid kits contain Base cloth of […]

We often see that first-aid kits contain Base cloth of elastic surgical tape and medical tapes different kinds of medical tape, but not everyone knows the difference between these tapes and their uses. Let us look at the different types of medical tapes available. Tapes are mainly used to fix dressings and bandages. It has a hypoallergenic adhesive and is designed to be firmly fixed on the lower layer of skin, dressing and tape, but it is easy to remove without damaging the skin.

This medical tape also has tiny holes or micropores that allow air to circulate and make it breathable. It is usually made of non-stretched pulp and adhesive. Transpore tape is a hypoallergenic, translucent surgical tape that provides strong adhesion for multiple uses. Transpore tape is easy to tear into strips and can be used when wearing gloves. It is usually used to fix medical pipes and dressings that need to be firmly fixed.

This medical tape allows water to evaporate from the skin while maintaining breathability. It is usually made of non-stretched transparent polyethylene film. Zinc oxide is also known as strapping or sports band because it is widely used to prevent sports injuries and soft tissue injuries, protect wounds and help wounds heal faster. It also supports muscles to stabilize injured ligaments. When worn for a long time, zinc oxide will remain intact and can tolerate moisture even in humid environments.

It is usually made of non-stretched cotton or rayon with a zinc oxide binder. Each first aid kit should contain at least one of each type of medical tape. They are very useful in many different types of situations and will always come in handy. Make sure you not only have the correct type of medical tape, but also know how to use it properly.