Does temperature affect the viscosity of the protective film


Many friends will encounter problems such as failure to […]

Many friends will encounter problems such as failure to stick to casting hot fusible film the protective film, or the sticking is not strong, and it is easy to warp. However, the same glass film before, the same place, but it is not easy to be like that. As if the temperature has an effect on the viscosity of the protective film, is that true? Let’s start with the viscosity of the protective film. Everyone knows that there is an actual viscosity when buying.


For example, a high-viscosity sealant, more than 1,000 grams, or a low-viscosity film is 30 Gram, 20 grams of viscosity, pay attention, each manufacturer’s viscous weight will be marked as "measured in the natural environment of the laboratory, temperature and humidity control". Why write like that? Because the different environmental humidity and working temperature do cause great harm to the viscosity of the protective film, since the adhesive of the film is all solution-based adhesives, it is inevitable that the presence of moisture will suffer from natural Environmental hazards cause sticky fluctuations.


In layman's terms, when the weather is cold and dry, the attractiveness of the molecular structure of the adhesive decreases, and the relative viscosity of the adhesive decreases. In the warm, wet and cold spring, the viscosity will expand a little, especially in the hot summer, the adhesive will be more viscous. If it is a particularly humid and cold natural environment, water vapor may penetrate into the viscose (many of the viscose is also water-soluble super glue), and the viscosity will also change differently.


Therefore, the application of protective film, especially a large number of glass films in industrial production, announced that before production, the manufacturer Kaimo High-tech has proposed that everyone check a few more times to remove this externally poor element, so that it can be more improved. Only by strengthening the process flow of glass film maintenance more smoothly, the processing plant can save more capital investment cost and reduce the damage caused by the technical error of the glass film.