How to deal with the oil leakage after the label paper is coated with hot melt adhesive


One of the quality standards for making label paper is […]

One of the quality standards for making label paper is that it does not leak oil, that is, after the hot melt adhesive film is applied to the label paper, it will not spill or leak for a long time. What should I do if there is oil leakage on the label?Whether the label paper has oil leakage, the composition and stability of the hot melt adhesive play a vital role in it. In layman's terms, it is the temperature at which the temperature adjustment of the composite equipment can make the bonding force of the hot melt adhesive film to the material reach an ideal state.


Of course, this temperature value must be the temperature resistance requirement of the material, otherwise the material will be damaged due to the high temperature.Therefore, the temperature at which the hot melt adhesive film has a better fusion bonding effect depends on the temperature resistance value of the material to be bonded, and then the type of hot melt adhesive film used is selected according to the requirements of material compatibility.No matter how strong the public relations ability is, no matter how fine the production equipment is, it depends on the quality of the materials. Hot melt adhesives are responsible for preventing the oil leakage of labels of different qualities.


But to be honest, the paper used in some labels is really bad, and you can feel its fragility when you put it on the mold, and a little pulling force is like disconnecting from the waist. The production cost of the label itself is very low. It is recommended to use better paper to make it. If it is broken, the reputation will not be worthwhile. Let's talk about hot melt adhesives. It has been used in the label industry for a long time, and there is no problem in production. On the premise that there is no problem with the craftsmanship and the paper quality, the hot melt adhesive accounts for a large proportion of the overall quality of the label paper.