What factors determine the price of hot melt adhesive film?


Nowadays, the times are developing and society is progressing.The application fields of hot melt adhesive film are becoming wider and wider day by day, and hot melt adhesive film is attracting more and more attention, but many people do not know much about it. When I receive an inquiry, I usually need to explain a lot. So how do I quote the price for hot melt adhesive film? First of all, you need to know the following common sense about hot melt adhesive film.

Hot melt adhesive film is usually sold in rolls, with certain thickness, width and length specifications. In the industry, the thickness unit of hot melt adhesive film is generally wire. 1 wire is equal to 0.01mm. The conventional thickness is generally between 1.5 wires and 40 wires, that is, 0.015mm-0.4mm. Hot melt adhesive films that are not within this range Products are generally not made often. The length of the die head of the machine for manufacturing hot melt adhesive film is generally 1m-2m. If the width is less than 1m, a slitting machine will generally be used to cut it according to the customer's requirements. Therefore, in theory, as long as the width is less than the length of the die head, you can provide such hot melt adhesive film products. The length of each roll of hot melt adhesive film is generally 100m-250m, and can also be customized to meet customer needs.

After understanding the specifications of the hot melt adhesive film, we also need to know that the composition of the hot melt adhesive film is different and can also be modified according to the special requirements of the customer. Generally, there are EVA, TPU, PO, PA, PES, PE, etc. Since hot melt adhesive films use different raw materials and the proportions of different raw materials are different, their product performance and usage characteristics are different. The bonding materials are different, and of course the prices are also different.

If you want to know the price of hot melt adhesive film, you must know what the material is to be bonded, what kind of process you plan to use for bonding, the application scenarios of the product, high and low temperature requirements, water washing requirements, and yellowing resistance. Requirements, then the hot melt adhesive film manufacturer can recommend to you the hot melt adhesive film products suitable for your use, as well as suitable product specifications. After you have determined everything, all quotations for hot melt adhesive films will be reported to customers based on price per square meter or gram weight. You can also make inquiries based on meters, rolls, and tons, but they will all be based on per square meter. The price is calculated.

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