Materials that can use EVA hot melt adhesive film in the building materials industry


EVA hot melt adhesive film is used in many industries, […]

EVA hot melt adhesive film is used in many industries, such as clothing, luggage, and shoe materials industries. Not only that, EVA hot melt adhesive films are also used in the home building materials industry, and the bonding of metal aluminum materials is also often applied to EVA hot melt adhesive films. So what materials can use EVA hot melt adhesive film?

1. Aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is a kind of material that hot melt adhesive film is pressed into a thin film through a special process. It is widely used. Aluminum foil usually uses EVA hot-melt film as an adhesive. When using EVA hot-melt film to bond aluminum foil, proper process and temperature should be adopted. Otherwise, wrinkles and quality problems will occur when bonding thin aluminum foil.

2. Aluminum honeycomb panel. The aluminum honeycomb panel was pasted with polyurethane adhesive before, but this method has low bonding efficiency. Use EVA hot melt film to replace traditional glue, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. The aluminum plate and the honeycomb core are stacked in sequence and sent to the flat composite machine in sequence. The aluminum honeycomb panel is compounded under pressure and heating for several minutes, and then cooled at room temperature, with high flatness, good weather resistance and strong adhesion.

3. Aluminum-plastic board. Aluminum-plastic board bonding is EVA hot melt film used in more mature industries. The aluminum composite panel is composed of PET aluminum film and PE plastic, with EVA hot-melt film sandwiched in between. The aluminum-plastic composite panel adopts continuous production method with high production efficiency.

4. Condensation evaporator. The application of EVA hot melt film has been widely used in the condensing evaporator industry, and every refrigerator will use tube sheets. There are two types of evaporators in the mainstream of refrigerators, one is a tube-plate evaporator and the other is a fin evaporator. The former is a traditional refrigeration refrigerator, and the latter is an air-cooled refrigerator. EVA hot melt film will also be used for the bonding between the aluminum tube of the condensing evaporator and the aluminum plate.