New investment in polyester adhesive market in the future


Any substance applied to the surfaces of materials that […]

Any substance applied to the surfaces of materials that binds them hot melt adhesive film together is known as an adhesive. Polyester adhesives are synthetic adhesives based on saturated or unsaturated polymers. These adhesives are referred to as multi-component adhesives, which mean they harden by mixing two or more components which chemically react. The components of polyester adhesives include solvents acetone or a mixture of acetone and alcohol), hardening initiators organic peroxides or hydroperoxides, hardening catalysts tertiary amines or cobalt salts, and extenders cement or silica. All the components of polyester adhesives are mixed just before use.

Without the use of extenders, the adhesives are slightly colored or are colorless liquid compositions and have a working life ranging from several minutes or several hours. Polyester adhesives ensure high adhesion strength to plastics and other materials like metals, rubber, wood, silica and organic glass. The adhesive bonds are resistant to water, gasoline and mold as well as to weak acids and salt solutions.The application of polyester adhesives widely lie in the manufacture of optical products, furniture and also used widely in the construction business.  A polyester product called as polyester hot-melt adhesive films are designed to show excellent adhesion to a variety of fabrics and plastics.

They are heat resistant, show high bond strength and exhibit excellent chemical resistance. These films have a stiff hand and are typically not suited for application where elasticity is required. Due to its excellent adhesion, great wash resistance and fast set times they are widely used adhesives. Polyester adhesive tapes find their use in splicing- treated paper to low profile decorative trim.The market demand for polyester products is high due to its application particularly in the construction and furniture line. The construction industry is growing globally especially in developing countries like India and China where the construction market is huge. They make use of polyester adhesives largely.

The market for this product is growing and is expected to rise further in the next few years. Every household all over the world requires furniture and hence there is continuous demand for this product in the market and since it does not cause any significant harm to the environment, there are no extreme stringent policies for its use. Other end users for this product include the textile, footwear, autoomobile and product assembly sectors. Owing to the growth of these industries the market for polyester adhesives is not foreseen to go down any time in the next few.