Thermoset tape for attaching rhinestone patterns to clothes


Remove a layer of white backing paper hot melt adhesive […]

Remove a layer of white backing paper hot melt adhesive film under the rhinestone patterns need to be ironing, and place the transfer film paper sticking to the rhineston pattern on the clothes as you think fit.Switch the electric iron to “cotton” settings about 150 degrees. Steam iron do not turn on steam or water, dry iron is good. Place clothes on a flat surface, sometimes with a towel or two on the surface for ironing stronger. Press the iron on the hotfix rhinestone patterns hard for about 12 seconds.

If the hot fixt pattern is too large, the iron can not be covered at one time, move the iron on the pattern repeatedly, making the entire hotfix rhinestone patterns evenly heated and the ironing time is also extended accordingly.After ironing, remove the adhesive paper on the surface after the ironing drawing is cooled. A beautiful rhinestone transfer patterns is completed.Check to see if each rhinestone is already attached. If not, use a lighter to bake glue. Note: since most electric irons carry steam, small holes affect the heat under the iron, so move the iron back and forth during ironing to equalize the heat. The hot drawing will be firm.

Bonding conditions are not suitable, such as bonding temperature is too high, too low, low pressure, short time and other reasons. Less adhesive or quality problem of fusible interfacing.Properly adjust the bonding conditions temperature, time, pressure or change other fusible interlining.Because there is shrinkage difference when the fabric and interlining thermal bonded. If the adhesive is not solidified, the size difference caused by thermal shrinkage and lead to bubble. If the thermal shrinkage of fabric is larger than that of lining cloth, the lining cloth bulges, and vice versa.Choose the interlining cloth with the thermal shrinkage matching the fabric.

If the fabric shrinks too much, you can use the same bonding conditions in the fusing machine. Heat shrinks the fabric firstly, adjust the bonding temperature and time properly, so that the thermal shrinkage of the fabric is kept to the smallest extent possible.The particle size of hot melt adhesive powder of the lining cloth is not consistent with the processing technology during the coating process and causes the glue penetration.Choose suitable interlining according to the thickness of fabric. General fabrics from thick to thin, selected mesh number from thin to dense interlining cloth.